Brisbane CBD group fitness for women


 I started with Tubby Tarts on 15th of  July 2014. I was made welcome straight away by Annie and the other members. I really enjoy the group fitness and the Saturday morning runs. It is great to meet new people, make new friends and also share experiences. Annie is wonderfully supportive and keeps every training session fun and challenging. I am feeling stronger and getting fitter each week.  — Sherie Y.
Love tubby tarts! Never have I been fitter or happier. You want to get up early to see your friends and Annie is supportive and realistic. She will help you achieve your goals in a way that works with your life and the results speak for themselves. Joining TT was the best decision I have ever made for myself, my health and wellbeing!  –  Britt. Y. 
“I met Annie a number of years ago when I wanted to lose a few kilograms for my wedding. She was an amazing personal trainer – dedicated, strict but also enthusiastic and hilarious, she made each session a hoot. You almost forgot how much hard work it was … almost.  Annie was successful and I was able to fit into my wedding gown for the big day.
However three years and one pregnancy later I found myself back over the 100kg mark and in need of assistance. Even though I had moved overseas, I stayed in contact with Annie and asked her advice about the best way to approach post-pregnancy weight loss. She was so incredibly supportive, even though I was no longer in the country. As well as sending me regular workouts, Annie signed me up to the MyFitnessPal app and she watches all my calorie intake, providing valuable guidance and assistance.
With her support and encouragement, I lost 7kgs in the first month and the weight is continuing to fall off! I feel healthier and more energetic than I have in years. The moral of my story is Annie is so incredibly good that her powers work across continents. If she can achieve all of that for me over the internet, imagine what she can do for you in person. I very much encourage everyone to contact Annie and take their first step to being happier and healthier.   – Jodi G.
“Never have I felt more empowered, comfortable and happy going to PT!
Annie has guided, encouraged and supported me through my ‘get fit’ goals and I’ve made great progress!
It’s all about having fun, getting healthy and making sure it works long term.
Annie’s put me on the right track and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made!
Tubby Tarts for life! x x x ” – Bec C.
“When you choose Annie as your Personal Trainer, you are choosing not only an experienced and capable expert in her chosen field but also you are embarking on a whole life-changing journey.  Annie will be very clear that exercise is not enough; it is what you put into your mouth that will determine who you want to be.  No excuses.
With Annie’s teaching about food (especially sugar!) and working me hard, I reached my goal weight of 63 kilos (was 78 kilos) and have kept my weight stable since.  Annie has a wicked sense of humor and will weave laughter into every session!”  Kat D.
“I have been training with Annie for over a year now. In this time, I have toned up, I have more energy (since seeing Annie, I now have the incentive and confidence to go running in my lunch hours), I am eating better, and I feel healthier and happier. Annie is a knowledgeable, fun trainer, with a fantastic sense of humour. There is always a lot of laughter involved in Annie’s training sessions.
I’m so pleased I finally took the step to start looking after myself.” Stacey S.
“I was over 100kg when I started training with Annie. She successfully motivated and educated me in exercise and dieting and I have now been under 65kg for more than 2 years. THANK YOU!!….” – Kath W.
“Annie is more than a personal trainer who shows you how to exercise only. She understands that other factors affect weight loss and teaches you skills to put into action. With Annie’s help I lost 27 kilos and kept it off for more than 2 years.” – Sherrie Williams.
I first met Annie in a gym about 4 years ago and I decided to train with her when I noticed she had great enthusiasm for nutrition and fat loss.  I thought I could learn from her and lose some kilos in the mean time.  Soon after training with Annie I learned that not only was she enthusiastic about nutrition but she is also enthusiastic about fitness.  It was easy to see why her clients loved her.  Even though I was working hard in her training sessions I also found I was having fun.  Annie loves to have a joke and I always come away from her sessions feeling happy as well as fitter.  
I enjoy catching up with Annie and I highly recommend her if you would like to lose some weight or simply increase your fitness.  I have not only lost weight but gained knowledge that I can take with me always.     M.W.