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Mocha Protein Truffles

Mochaproteintruffles #2



½  cup zero-carb vanilla (or plain) protein powder

1 cup almond meal

½  cup cocoa powder

1 tbspn toffee or caramel flavoured stevia drops

1-2 shots fresh coffee

1 block Lindt 90% cocoa chocolate (melted) mixed with 2 teaspoons stevia powder

½ cup chopped peanuts or 2 tbspns matcha powder for decoration



Combine protein powder, almond meal, cocoa powder and stevia drops in a mixing bowl.  Add just enough coffee to combine ingredients so that the mixture is firm and can be rolled into balls.  Refrigerate or freeze for about an hour before dipping into melted chocolate then rest one side into the chopped peanuts or matcha powder for decoration and crunch.  Refrigerate again until ready to serve (makes about 20 truffles).



  Energy (calories) Fat (g) Protein (g) Carbohydrate (g) Sugar (g)
Per serve 80 4.5 3 1 <0.5