Brisbane CBD group fitness for women

About Us

Tubby Tarts provides outdoor group training in the Brisbane CBD for women of all ages in a fun, relaxed and supportive setting.

Annie is an accredited practising dietitian, a personal trainer, and master rehab trainer.  

She believes training should be fun and what could be more fun than getting fitter, stronger and healthier with other Tubby Tarts?  All group members set six-monthly fitness goals that are incorporated into the daily training.  Annie can also provide individualised dietetic advice to support your weight loss goals too.  Want to join the Tubby Tarts Tribe?  Come along for a four week trial and see what all the fuss is about!  Feel supported by the other group members and work towards achieving your health and fitness goals.

Join the Tubby Tart adventures and take part in group activities such as fun runs and marathons, Miss Muddy, stair climbing challenges, park runs and more!

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